Banner Request


We only display banners across the road that are Town sponsored or co-sponsored events.  If your event is a Town sponsored or co-sponsored event then you have filled out the Special Event Application and all you will need to do is drop your banner off at The Depot at 220 N. Salem Street after it meets the following specifications.

If you wish your event to be Town Sponsored or Co-Sponsored please fill out the Special Event Application.

Banner Specifications

These specifications were developed to ensure a quality banner for organizations that want to display a banner over the street.  In order for a banner to be placed across the street your event must be a Town Sponsored or Co-Sponsored Event. The Town reserves the right to refuse any banner that does not meet the requirements below.

  • Banner size shall be 10 feet in length and 3 feet in height.
  • Banner must have at least six air holes or wind slots (1/2 circle slits) cut into the vinyl to reduce drag.  THE TOWN WILL NOT CUT AIR HOLES OR SLOTS INTO A BANNER.
  • Banner must be double sided.
  • Banner must have reinforced Steel grommets in all four corners of the banner. 
  • Banner should have double reinforced edges.
  • A banner can only be hung if it is a Town sponsored or co-sponsored event.  (A sponsorship request must be submitted to the Special Events Coordinator by January 15th of the calendar year for possible approval.)  More information can be found below.
  • Only one banner will be hung per Town sponsored / co-sponsored event.
  • Banner may hang for a period of two weeks before the event.  As long as there are no other approved events this period of time may be extended not exceed more than one month. 
  • Town cannot guarantee the location, dates, or the length of time that the banner will hang.  Location of banner installation will be at the discretion of the Electric Utilities Department.
  • Banner application must be filled out before banner is dropped off.
  • Banner must be dropped of 7 business days before installation date at The Depot at 220 N. Salem Street and placed in the bin labeled Banner Drop Off.
  • The banner should be ready to display and meet all specifications if not the banner will not be hung.
  • The Town of Apex will hang banner in a timely manner, subject to the availability of Town resources and weather.
  • Banners should be picked up within one week after the event is over at The Depot at 220 N. Salem Street.  If the banner has not been picked up after one week, the sponsoring organization contact person will be notified and given another week to pick it up.  If the sponsoring organization does not pick up the banner within two weeks after the event is over, the Town will dispose of the banner, at the sponsoring organization's cost.  The Town does not store banners and will not be held responsible for the loss of a banner.

Additional Resources

If you have additional questions or concerns please email the Electric Utilities Department.