Tai Chi: Meditation In Movement

Ages 18+.

Are you looking for a type of exercise that energizes your body and sharpens your mind, making you stronger and more flexible? Tai Chi is a low impact slow-motion meditation-based program that consists of flowing moves to help circulate energy. Tai Chi increases strength, balance and flexibility and because it is also “meditation in motion,” harmonizes mind, body and soul. Participants will learn the first 10 Forms of Yang Style Tai Chi. No experience necessary. Wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement and soft shoes. Elizabeth Warren instructs. Maximum of 20 students. (No class Jun 19 and Jul 3.) (10 classes)


$49(R) $64(NR)  


6480 May 1-Jul 17 T 6-7pm

REGISTRATION DATES FOR PROGRAMS ON THIS PAGE start: March 19 for Residents & April 2 for Non-Apex Residents.