Strategic Goals

The Apex Town Council’s strategic goals serve as the foundation for governmental activities and policy decisions.

High Performing Government
We will remain fiscally stable, be transparent, and continue to provide high quality and efficient public services through a highly trained and knowledgeable workforce, while actively collaborating with regional, state, and national partners.

Active, Engaged Citizens & Visitors
We will foster community engagement, by providing a system of high quality active and passive recreational facilities and cultural activities for citizens and visitors, and creating meaningful connections between citizen and government.

Sustainable Development & Infrastructure
We will maintain and encourage high quality, diverse, and vibrant neighborhoods supported by well-planned and maintained infrastructure.

Safe & Secure Community
We will continue to provide police and fire services that are professional and engaged with the community, and provide adequate and safe roadways and a safe and sustainable built environment.

Economic Vitality
We will work to create an opportunity for a larger number of employers to support our population, while supporting a vibrant downtown and all existing businesses.