Environmental Stewardship Award

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The Town of Apex encourages all citizens, whether residential or non-residential, to be good stewards of our natural environment. The Apex Environmental Stewardship Award (AESA) is designed to recognize individual Town of Apex citizens and Town of Apex business community members for their accomplishments in environmental stewardship. There are two award types: 1) Residential Environmental Steward; and 2) Non-Residential Environmental Steward. In each award type there are three general categories to the ASEA program: 1) solar photovoltaic (PV) systems; 2) other environmentally friendly installations or actions; and 3) student-led environmental initiatives.

The award recipient will have the option of receiving the award from town staff or from the Mayor at a Town Council meeting. In addition, the recipient will have the option to have his/her name or business listed with the accomplishment on the Town’s website. A reading of all award recipients will be made annually at the first Town Council meeting in April to highlight Earth Day and Arbor Day, both of which are in April.

Category 1: Apex Environmental Stewardship Award – Solar Electric

When a permit for the installation of a solar PV system (or for another potentially eligible project) is obtained from the Town, the applicant will be provided information relative to the AESA program. Upon completion of the installation, the property owner may submit the award application and any required documentation. Staff will review the application and determine award eligibility and coordinate with the property owner for the presentation of the award whether at a Council meeting or by other means.

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Category 2: Apex Environmental Stewardship Award – Other Than Solar Electric

The Environmental Committee of Town Council will work with staff to ensure the community at large is educated on possibilities for environmental best practices and also of the opportunities for recognition for these efforts.

The Environmental Committee of the Town Council, in consultation with environmental staff, will accept nominations and evaluate award applications. The Committee will determine whether an award will be conferred and the size classification of the printed and framed certificate.

Below is a list of some potential award eligible projects (this is not an all-inclusive list and applications describing other projects are encouraged):

  • Initiate energy or water conservation measures
  • Install renewable energy systems other than solar photovoltaics (PV)
  • Install LED lighting, geothermal HVAC, solar heating, low flow plumbing fixtures
  • Fleet conversion to CNG or Electric
  • Install electric vehicle charging stations for employees/guests
  • Begin ride share programs
  • Install bike racks
  • Plant trees (beyond required)
  • Improve stormwater quality
  • Create a practice of searching out environmentally conscious vendors/purchasing "green" products when possible.

The applicant must submit a short description of the project including documentation of its environmental benefits.

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Category 3: Apex Environmental Stewardship Award – Student-Led Environmental Initiative

As elected officials, we are concerned about preserving the natural resources that we are leaving to our youth. To this end, we will invite student led clubs at schools in Apex to submit a case study of an environmental impact initiative.

These case studies will be evaluated by the Environmental Committee who will determine whether an award will be conferred and the size classification of the printed and framed certificate.

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