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Community Development
Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources

List Descriptions

Preschool Programs
Classes for kids age 10 months - 5 years.

Youth Programs
Includes athletics, cultural arts, instructional programming and more for ages 6-12 years

Teen Programs
Programming info for ages 13-17, including athletics and instructional programming

Adult Programs
Athletics, wellness, instructional programming and more designed for adults ages 18-54 years

Senior Adult Programs
Recreational and wellness programs designed for senior adults ages 55+ Specialized Recreation

Programming specifically designed for persons of all ages with disabilities.

Halle Cultural Arts Center
Receive information about cultural arts programs for all age groups.

Dog Park Info
Learn about any changes, planned or emergency maintenance to the town’s two dog parks.

Park Maintenance
Receive info about planned and emergency maintenance to Apex parks and park facilities.

Public Notices
Receive notification for the following: Annexations, Board of Adjustment Variances or Appeal Cases, Major Site Plans, Rezoning Requests, Special Use Permits, Transportation Plan Amendments, Unified Development Ordinance Amendments.