Ages: 5-11 yrs.

In this Star Wars®-inspired program, your youngling will explore the galaxy with their master building skills and our intergalactically-focused curriculum. Motivated to become Jedi like the heroes in the movies, students will learn to concentrate on mastering the Force, appreciating the use of teamwork to build battle drones and AT-Walkers, and if they’re skills are up to par, make their very own lightsaber and use it in battle! May the force be with your young Padawan as they rise through the Jedi ranks! 

Location: Halle Cultural Arts Center

Instructor: Snapology


  • $155 Apex Resident
  • $170 Non-Apex Resident
  • 5 classes


  • 12828    Mon-Fri    Jun 12 - Jun 16    1pm-4pm