Stormwater Condition Assessment Project

Project Overview

In 2022, the Town of Apex began collecting a stormwater utility fee from residential and non-residential utility customers. The stormwater utility fee provides a dedicated fund for the stormwater program. The first project funded by the fee is the Stormwater Condition Assessment. This project, with Phase 1 beginning in June 2023, will assess the condition of town-maintained stormwater infrastructure and prioritize enhancement and repair projects based on identified needs.

The project includes:

  • Inspections of stormwater infrastructure like catch basins, storm drains, storm pipes, culverts, and outfalls
  • Creating a list of future Capital Improvement Projects by using an objective, scoring-based matrix to prioritize and address infrastructure needs 

What you can expect:

  • The Town of Apex has contracted with McAdams of Raleigh, NC and VisionNC of Raleigh, NC to complete the project. 
  • Personnel from these companies will inspect and assess infrastructure in the Phase 1 study area (view the study area map). 
  • Utility customers in the study area may see McAdams and / or VisionNC personnel. Please allow these contractors to temporarily access the public easements on or near your property. We appreciate your help in completing this project.
  • McAdams and VisionNC personnel should have a copy of the letter from the Water Resources department with information about the project. 

Project Timeline:

  • May - June 2023: Listen + Plan (location selection, scheduling, and community engagement
  • June - August 2023:Data Collection (field data collection, inspections, structural assessment of infrastructure)
    • Phase 1 Study Area: June 2023
  • August - September 2023: Evaluate + Assess (database development, review of assets)
  • September - October 2023: Identify + Prioritize (identify needs, prioritze projects, develop Capital Improvement Project items)

Phase 1 Study Area includes properties within:

  • Culvert Street
  • Seaboard Street
  • Chatham Street, from Salem Street to Cunningham Street
  • Mason Street
  • S Hughes Street, from Center Street to E. Williams Street (NC 55)
  • E. Moore Street
  • E. Williams Street, from Salem Street to Hughes Street
  • Elm Street, from E. Williams Street to Center Street

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Stormwater Condition Assessment Project - Phase 1 Study Area Map