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Changes coming for Capital Reimbursement Fee payments

As of January 1, 2021, with the passing of House Bill 873, there will be new requirements for payment of Capital Reimbursement Fees (CRF).   All CRF will be collected on a per address basis and due at time of Building Permit Application before the application can be accepted for review.  This will apply to any lots/addresses not previously paid before this date.

We will have details coming soon on the new process that should make application and payment of these fees quick and easy.  Stay tuned for more information.

COVID-19 UPDATE for this Department

March 23, 2020: Town of Apex Inspections Department will immediately switch to Live Remote inspections for all occupied dwellings.

In accordance with guidance provided by the NC Department of Insurance and the CDC, the Town of Apex Inspections Department will immediately switch to Live Remote inspections for all occupied dwellings. When inspections are requested for projects inside an occupied dwelling, please attach any documentation which would normally be required to perform an inspection. You will be contacted by an Inspector if more information is needed and/or to establish a time to perform the remote inspection by video link.

PLEASE NOTE: Some types of inspections may not be able to be completed by remote inspection, based on assessment of the video call by your inspector. If this happens, the inspector may ask for further documentation from you attesting to compliance. Reinspection fees in this case will not be assessed.

Guidance Paper on Live Remote Inspections (PDF)

NCDOI memo on using LRI during COVID-19 pandemic (PDF)

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to our office at 919-249-3418, or reach out to your inspector directly.



Find the Request for Assistance Form

Online Inspections Requests Now Available

Requests must now be submitted online for next-day inspections on single-family dwellings. Remember, only requests received prior to the 2:00 pm cut-off time will be scheduled for next day. ** Cancellations are still done by phone. **

Please note: Creating an account will enable forms to be prefilled with your name.

ePermits Visit ePermits for the Contractor Access portal. You can create and pay for your single-trade RESIDENTIAL permits. A permits specialist will issue your permit and attach the PDF to your permit. Call (919) 249-3418 with any questions.

 Please note: COMMERCIAL permit applications have to be reviewed by our Planning Department prior to permit issuance. You may fax your applications to the Permits Department at (919) 249-3407 and we will forward the application to the Planning Department and contact you when the application has been approved.

You can pay for permits, check permit information and inspection results via the ePermits Contractor Access Portal. Registration is required in order to get inspection and/or permit results. If you have not accessed the website before, please view the ePermits instructions.

Visit our solar page for information on applying for solar installations.

Check out our Publications Page to view our latest information for contractors and homeowners:

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 Notice of Inspection Changes

The Town of Apex no longer performs the following inspections: 

Concealed Insulation Inspections

The air barrier required in concealed areas will be inspected during rough-in inspection. Any code deficiencies found related to the insulation/air barriers will be corrected and may required the removal of tubs, showers, etc.

Brick or Stone Veneer Inspections

All lintels that are required to be bolted to the framing for support shall not be covered by any exterior wall covering before approval. The bolted lintels will be inspected during the rough-in inspection.

For Concealed Insulation and Brick or Stone Veneer Inspections the effective date for the above are for framing inspections on or after September 5th NOT the date the permit was issued.

Conditional Power and Mechanical Inspections

These inspections will only be performed upon request by the contractor. If you want to schedule these inspections the Conditional Utility Request form must be completed and on file at the Permits desk.

These inspections will not be scheduled unless the applicable inspections listed above the conditional inspections on the permit card have been approved.

The Conditional Power and Mechanical Inspections will be based on the date the permit is issued. Conditional Power and Mechanical inspections are optional for permits issued on or after September 5, 2016.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Enforce North Carolina State Building Codes as required by General Statute and adopted by the Building Code Council
  • Perform field inspections
  • Provide answers to questions pertaining to state and local codes and ordinances related to the building construction industry
  • Review and approval of structural building plans

Mission Statement

We are committed to providing the best service possible by way of prompt and courteous responses to the needs of those requiring the services of our inspection division. Our commitment extends to continually expanding our technical knowledge and to the modification of our procedures to best serve the building community and the citizens of the Town of Apex.