Development Services


A number of Planning and Development Services applications have been revised as a result of the Fee Schedule changes approved by Town of Apex Council on June 6, 2017. ​​Please click on the Applications link to download the new applications.

The new Fee Schedule is effective July 1, 2017 and shall apply to first construction plan projects submitted in July and all subsequent construction plan submittals thereafter.     

​Please see the summary of changes below that apply to Planning and Development Services:​


New Fees:

​Minor Deviations: $500
​​Transportation Impact Analysis Review:  $500 sites and subdivisions; $1,000 PUD
​Capital Reimbursement Fees (see Development Fee Schedule)
​​Pump Station Review and Inspection:  $2,500

Revised Fees:

​Construction Plan Review Fee for Subdivisions:  $500 plus $10/Lot
​​Construction Plan Review Fee for Sites, Utility Extensions, Etc.:  $500 plus $15/Sheet
​​Water/Sewer Capacity Fees:  No longer applicable

​​​Construction Inspection Fees:

​New Streets:  Change from SY to LF - $1.50/LF per lane
​​Curb & Gutter:  All new / replaced curb & gutter $0.50/LF (both sides of street)
​​Fire Lanes:  Change from SY to LF - $1.50/LF
​​Sidewalks/Greenways:  Change from SY to LF - $1.35/LF
​Driveway, residential:  Change from $75 to $100