Living Area Safety

Install Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms should be placed either on the ceiling or 6 to 12 inches below the ceiling on a wall.

Plan Escape Routes

  • Plan, know and rehearse your escape route. It is best if you can plan two escape routes. Make sure everyone in the family understands the route and knows where the meeting place is. Remember! Get out first then call 911 at a neighbor’s house.
  • Have a deep, large, non-tip ashtray for smokers. Before going to bed, check for smoldering cigarettes under cushions of chairs and couches. Keep all matches and lighters up high, where children can not reach or see them.
  • Use a metal screen or glass door around your fireplace.
  • Have your chimney inspected by a professional once a year. Use only seasoned, dry wood. Always discard ashes in a metal container and never store ashes on wooden decks or porches.

Space Heaters

  • Keep any type of heater at least three feet from anything that will burn. Always turn off heater before going to bed or leaving the house. Never allow children to be left alone near any type of heater. Refuel outside after until has cooled down. Use proper fuel.
  • Never cover lamps with clothing or other combustibles. Clothing, paper, curtains or other combustible materials could come in contact with a hot light bulb and cause a fire.
  • Check electrical cords. Electrical cords could have frays, tears or exposed wire. If you find one, discard it immediately.

Additional Information

The Apex Fire Department will be glad to help citizens who have questions about potential fire hazards in their homes. To speak to a fire professional, call (919) 362-4001 during normal business hours.