Wake County Public School System (WCPSS)

The Town of Apex is served by the WCPSS. Information on their programs and facilities is available through their website or by calling (919) 850-1700.

WCPSS Facilities Within Apex

  • Apex Friendship High School
  • Apex Friendship Middle School
  • Apex High School
  • Apex Middle School
  • Apex Elementary School
  • Baucom Elementary School
  • Lufkin Middle School
  • Olive Chapel Elementary School
  • Salem Elementary School
  • Salem Middle School
  • Scotts Ridge Elementary School

Private Schools

  • Peak Charter Academy 
  • Peace Montessori School
  • St. Mary Magdalene Catholic School
  • Thales Academy

Triangle Area Colleges, Universities & Technical Schools

The Town of Apex, with its location in the midst of the Triangle area, is also served by a number of outstanding institutions of higher education.