Stormwater Tips

Stormwater tips can be incorporated into daily life in order to ensure that the Town of Apex remains compliant with their NPDES Phase II permit.

Around the House

On average, Apex receives over 3 inches of rain each month. The clay soils found in the area contribute to wet yards since those soils hold water and are not well-drained. Citizens and homeowners are encouraged to:

  • Ensure that water drains away from their house when it rains in order to protect the foundation from flooding.
  • Learn how to transform naturally wet areas in their yard into rain gardens with appropriate landscape plantings.

Hazardous Substances

  • Do not leave hazardous substances on driveways or parking lots.
  • If substances are spilled, contain quickly with rags or kitty litter.
  • Never pour any chemicals or other hazardous substances on the ground or down a storm drain
  • Unused paints and other hazardous materials should be disposed of properly.
  • When changing fluids from your car, take the used oil and oil filter to the used oil recycling center at the Public Works facility located at 105-C Upchurch Street.

Washing Your Car

When washing your car, use a shutoff nozzle on your hose and use detergents and water sparingly. Try to wash your car on the lawn where water can soak into the ground.

Downspout installation coming off the corner of a house
Person dumping a blue chemical down a storm drain with a large red circle and diagonal "Do Not

Around the Yard

Steps should be taken to prevent sediment from leaving your property during any landscaping or construction activities. The best way to stabilize your yard and prevent soil loss is to establish vegetation through seeding and straw application. You may need to cover soil stockpiles or in some cases install a silt fence.

Remember not to apply chemicals before heavy rains that could wash any newly applied chemicals into our streams and lakes. Help protect our water resources by applying lawn chemicals during dry periods.


When raking your leaves to the curb for yard waste collection, be sure to keep them out of the road and away from storm drains.

These non-stormwater materials can clog drains and pipes leading to flooding and water quality impairment. Per the Town’s Yard Waste ordinance, all yard waste set at the curb for pick-up shall be placed 10 feet or more away from storm drain inlets. This 10 foot space reduces the likelihood that yard waste will flow to the stormwater system.

Person pushing a green lawn spreader
Incorrect Placement of Yard Waste


Pet waste is a health hazard and a potential surface water pollutant. Do not leave pet waste on sidewalks or other impervious (hard) surfaces where it can wash into storm drains and waterways.

Use a bag to pick up pet waste, tie it, and place in the trash.

Sign with Pet Waste Disposal instructions above a bag dispenser and trash receptacle

Contact Information

For more information on any of these ideas, please contact Stormwater staff at (919) 362-8166.