Rental Facilities

The Town of Apex offers several facilities to rent for your next special occasion.

If you are renting a shelter or facility with the intent of using the rented space or any other portion of the park where the rental is located for an event such as but not limited to, a charity walk, run, carnival, dinner, or other activity, your rental may be confirmed but is not valid until you submit additional paperwork.  Please contact the Apex Community Center at 919-249-3402 for more information.

This can include but is not limited to items such as a summary and schedule of the event, number of persons planned to attend, 501(C)3 documentation and proof of liability insurance naming the Town of Apex as insured.

After the above-mentioned are submitted to the Town of Apex Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department, the director will review the request and approve, approve with modifications, or deny the request.

Facility rentals at the Apex Community Center and Halle Cultural Arts Center must be a minimum of two hours.  Shelter rentals must be a minimum of three hours with sixty minutes between each rental.