Residential Recycling

Accepted Items

The Town of Apex curbside recycling program accepts only certain materials.

There are other options for those materials not accepted. The Wake County website is a resource for residents and businesses to use to locate organizations that recycle or dispose of unwanted materials.


Collection Schedule

Residential recycling is collected curbside weekly. Make sure your recycling cart is at the curb the night before your designated collection day.

Please call Town of Apex Customer Service at (919) 362-8676 with any questions or concerns regarding recycling collection.


Where Recycling Goes

All recyclable materials picked up curbside from Apex residents go to a material recovery facility in Raleigh operated by Sonoco Recycling, Inc.

About the Plant

  • A majority of processed materials are turned back into products consumers use daily.
  • The facility is a 75,000 square foot single-stream processing plant, meaning the materials do not have to be separated to be processed.
  • The plant processes 12,000 tons of recyclable materials every month.
Piles of shredded recycling material in a plant
Bundles of recycled material stacked in a warehouse under signs indicating what they are.