Street Trees

The planting of street trees is considered a duty as well as good business practice. Street trees are a protection against excessive heat, glare, and exhaust fumes and enhance the attractiveness and value of the property. Street trees are required along all thoroughfares where a subdivision is adjacent to or adjoins such thoroughfare and shall be planted according to Section 8.2, Landscaping, Buffering, and Screening (PDF) of the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO).

Species selection must be approved by the Town and may be required to follow an established street tree-planting plan. It is recommended that street trees be planted in all subdivisions. Where no existing trees remain, the developer shall plant a minimum of 1 street tree per lot (1 tree per street frontage – 2 trees on a corner lot). Trees shall be planted inside the property lines where they are less subject to injury, decrease the chance of motor accidents, and enjoy more favorable conditions for growth.