A Special message to our HVAC partners

At Apex Electric Utilities, we value our relationship with the HVAC community and we encourage local HVAC professionals to contact us at anytime to discuss our load control program.  We have some facts for HVAC technicians that will help clear up any common misconceptions about the switch devices used with our program.

We hope these fact will help you and your teams gain a better understanding of the operations of the device and how it works in conjunction with HVAC systems.

We control the devices during the summer months for A/C and winter months for Heat Strips if the customer is on that level of control.  If you are ever curious if an event day has been called please contact us at (919) 249-3531

Load Management Device Facts

  • If power is turned off to the A/C unit (from an outage or removing the disconnect), when power is restored, the Load Management switch keeps the A/C unit off for five to ten minutes; this delay actually protects the compressor from short-cycling - which can be very damaging.
  • The town still has a Load Management program.
  • The town does not reconnect the device after a HVAC installation or change out.  That is the responsibility of the HVAC company.
  • When we load manage it is not for the entire summer or the entire day, only a portion of the day.  Please call us to verify we are load managing at (919) 249-3531.