Report a Water or Sewer Emergency

Select the drop down arrow on the map image below to switch utility service from Water to Sewer.  The map will display real time water / sewer issues reported by customers in the Town of Apex and display how many residents are affected by the issue.  If you have any questions regarding the issues during normal business hours please contact (919) 372-7453.  After hours, weekends and holidays Town of Apex Water Resources Operations staff will respond to your emergency submission via the call back number entered by the customer or moble phone number on the customer account to obtain more information about the reported water or sewer issue.

Click on the link below to report non-emergency water or sewer concerns such as meter box or sewer cleanout damage, odor complaint, or utility easement issue.  Issues reported on this form will automatically generate a service request for Water Resources Operations staff.  Please allow 1 to 2 business days for response and completion of your reported issue.

Report a Non-emergency Water or Sewer Concern