By following the provided guidelines you will increase your chances of staying safe during a flood.

Prepare Now

  • Buy weather radio and learn local emergency station.
  • Learn if your area is prone to floods.
  • Learn meaning of a "flood watch" and a "flood warning".
  • Have plywood to cover all windows.
  • In flood zone, purchase flood insurance.
  • Plan to secure/evacuate mobile home for adequate shelter.

Act Now

  • Listen to designated radio/television, and Emergency Alert System for emergency instructions.
  • Stay away from flood water; do not attempt to swim, walk, or drive through.
  • Secure/bring in outdoor furniture.
  • If instructed, turn off utilities at main switches; unplug appliances (do not touch electrical equipment if wet).
  • If deep water, allow to flow freely in basement (may avoid structural damage).
  • Do not stack sandbags against outside of house, adds pressure.
  • Avoid downed power lines
  • Move valuables to upper floors.