Special Events & Festivals

The list below highlights the town's major events festivals held on an annual basis. While the Town of Apex staff organizes many of these celebrations, some of our longest running events are put on by our civic clubs and other community groups. Check our calendar for other events held throughout the year!

Community Events

These are events that non-profit organizations create, pay for, and plan. Town of Apex staff provides an event location (Town Hall Campus, Salem Street, etc.), along with staff from public safety, public works and other departments, as necessary. 

Town-Organized Events

These are events that the Town of Apex creates, pays for, and plans. Town staff manages the programming, including activities, logistics, and vendors. 

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The Think Apex Community Calendar is a great resource when looking for events in Apex! The Community Calendar displays any charitable, educational, cultural or recreational event taking place within the Town of Apex.

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