Meet Your Town Council

You may contact Council Members individually by clicking the photos below, or as a group by emailing Town Council.

Apex Town Council - 2023-2025

Apex Town Council 2023 - Group Photo No. 1
2023-2025 Apex Town Council Members (Middle): Mayor Jacques K. Gilbert. (Left to Right): Councilmember Brett Gantt, Mayor Pro-Tempore Ed Gray, Councilmember Arno Zegerman, Councilmember Terry Mahaffey, Councilmember Audra Killingsworth. 

Mayor Jacques Gilbert


Mayor Pro-Tempore Ed Gray

Photo of Council Member Ed Gray

Council Member Brett Gantt


Council Member Audra Killingsworth


Council Member Terry Mahaffey


 Council Member Arno Zegerman

Arno Zegerman

Apex Town Council - Christmas 2023

Apex Town Council 2023 - Group Photo